Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Givenchy: Shoe Lust

Sorry for the long hiatus and infrequent posts. School in Singapore is not easy at all; there's so much workload I can hardly even find time to head out. I wish I had more time for myself and my loved ones.  I guess juggling time is one of those things I have yet to have an extremely good grasp of, but I'm working my way there! 

Anyway, to make up for the lack of outfit posts, I shall post some of my recent shoe lusts here now. 

Givenchy Chained Boot 

Givenchy Lace Slip-ons 

Both are not something I would pick on a normal day, but I have no idea why I just fell in love with both! I think it's the fact that I love lace and chains. I've always loved chain-like accessories since young, there's some sort of mysterious allure to them that almost always draws me in. The fact that it's added to an ankle boot just gets me! I have been considering for the longest time if I should invest in a pair of boots because I was thinking of injecting some variety to my wardrobe. & that smooth leather just keeps on getting my attention! I'm absolutely captivated. Plus, we might be heading to UK over the holidays at the end of the year (if everything pans out well!) so these pair of booties would be perrrrrfect to wear in the cold weather. Omgosh just thinking about it makes me so excited!  

  And the way Givenchy paired such dainty lace with a casual chunky shoe just makes me so intrigued. Furthermore, the contrasting lace adds an extra dimension to the whole shoe. I could totally imagine wearing this with a variety of clothes; it can be so so so versatile! 

I wish I had some extra cash to get these gorgeous babies! <3  

Alright, peace out! x. 
Hope everyone has been well (: Will try to update next week, do check in! 

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