Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Givenchy: Shoe Lust

Sorry for the long hiatus and infrequent posts. School in Singapore is not easy at all; there's so much workload I can hardly even find time to head out. I wish I had more time for myself and my loved ones.  I guess juggling time is one of those things I have yet to have an extremely good grasp of, but I'm working my way there! 

Anyway, to make up for the lack of outfit posts, I shall post some of my recent shoe lusts here now. 

Givenchy Chained Boot 

Givenchy Lace Slip-ons 

Both are not something I would pick on a normal day, but I have no idea why I just fell in love with both! I think it's the fact that I love lace and chains. I've always loved chain-like accessories since young, there's some sort of mysterious allure to them that almost always draws me in. The fact that it's added to an ankle boot just gets me! I have been considering for the longest time if I should invest in a pair of boots because I was thinking of injecting some variety to my wardrobe. & that smooth leather just keeps on getting my attention! I'm absolutely captivated. Plus, we might be heading to UK over the holidays at the end of the year (if everything pans out well!) so these pair of booties would be perrrrrfect to wear in the cold weather. Omgosh just thinking about it makes me so excited!  

  And the way Givenchy paired such dainty lace with a casual chunky shoe just makes me so intrigued. Furthermore, the contrasting lace adds an extra dimension to the whole shoe. I could totally imagine wearing this with a variety of clothes; it can be so so so versatile! 

I wish I had some extra cash to get these gorgeous babies! <3  

Alright, peace out! x. 
Hope everyone has been well (: Will try to update next week, do check in! 

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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Rose Baroque.

Going out for a simple brunch but want to look good? Simple! 

Pick a gorgeous dress with textures, and pairing it with a black ribbon to cinch your waist in order to accentuate your curves. To add class instantly, add a red lippie and pair it with a red bag. I wore my hair in a ponytail because I didn't want my hair to cover the slits on the top of the dress, which I felt were details that shouldn't be missed out on.

Next, as it's for a brunch, wear a pair of comfortable shoes so that you don't have to worry about being uncomfortable while enjoying and relaxing with your friends and family. 

Definitely a look I would repeat. Can't say enough how in love I am with this dress!!! <3 

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Pink Sunsets.

The best place to brood upon things and reflect - the balcony. 
The view is great, the air is fresh. The perfect environment to just be ourselves, and let go. 

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Floral & Fauna

I must admit it feels odd but I guess there's a first to everything.

I have always been a fan of floral prints, but truth be told, I never dared to sport them.

With obvious connotations pegged to femininity, it was something that I would eschew.

While in the United States, it brought to light that courage to step out and show your true colours. 

So there we have it; Virgin Post, bold attempt with floral. 

For your viewing pleasure.

Casual Crochet.

My favourite place in Los Angeles: Santa Monica Pier. Complete with ferris wheels, carousels, an amusement park, a jetty where you can peer over the horizon and a beach. Everything about it is amazing! Laughter spills out of every corner, with happy families warming my heart <3 

It was a warm, sunny day so I decided to dress down and wore this amazing pair of crochet shorts. I love the detailing on it! Wore jelly flats to maximize comfort, and matched the ribbons on it with my handy Red Valentino bag (: It can fit so many things, which is why I adore it (and overuse it). 

Friday, 9 August 2013

Legion of Lace.

One of my top favorite tops; I love how feminine it feels, and the fit is just right! Also loving the high-waisted zipped maxi skirt and heels which I got at a steal (: Can't argue about how satisfying it feels to get a quality item at a reasonable price, right? 

These photos were taken at the Legion of Honour, in San Francisco. The moment I saw it, I fell in love with it. The structures and rows of pillars took my breath away. It was a museum, of which they showcased mostly paintings. I am not usually one who gets intrigued by museums but my-oh-my were these paintings gorgeous. Some of them told such great stories (which Z kindly explained to me) and I learnt so much from just one trip there. 
Best thing is, general admission is free! But there was a special exhibition when we were there, it's called "Impressionists in the Water" if I didn't recall wrongly. That cost $10 to view the exhibition, but you can decide not to and still enter for free! The place is amazing. Do check it out if you are ever in San Francisco for holiday!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Summer Kaleidoscope.

The moment I saw the prints on this skirt, it was love at first sight! I've recently been having this craze over kaleidoscope-ish designs and this skirt just fit the bill. It's bodycon, which allows you to show off your curves, but the design helps to camouflage those bulges after a full meal HAHAH. 
I also topped it off with a waist-cinching belt in order to add some form of dimension to prevent the look from looking too "flat". Last but not the least, the accessories too (as shown above), which can make or break an outfit! 

I'm also immensely amazed with Stanford College (yes some of the photos were taken there). We took a short road trip out to Palo Alto, which was sooo beautiful. I googled for places of interest and Stanford is one of their must-go-to places there! So we took a drive in, and omg was it magnificent!!! Rows of trees, intricately designed architecture and immaculately maintained buildings. I was intensely amazed by the school. & then I thought, 'if only I were studying here! I'd definitely be more than happy to come to school everyday.' But I guess things aren't always perfect, and I should be content with what I have (: But anyhow, if you are somehow in Palo Alto or traveling here soon, you must visit Stanford!