Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Summer Kaleidoscope.

The moment I saw the prints on this skirt, it was love at first sight! I've recently been having this craze over kaleidoscope-ish designs and this skirt just fit the bill. It's bodycon, which allows you to show off your curves, but the design helps to camouflage those bulges after a full meal HAHAH. 
I also topped it off with a waist-cinching belt in order to add some form of dimension to prevent the look from looking too "flat". Last but not the least, the accessories too (as shown above), which can make or break an outfit! 

I'm also immensely amazed with Stanford College (yes some of the photos were taken there). We took a short road trip out to Palo Alto, which was sooo beautiful. I googled for places of interest and Stanford is one of their must-go-to places there! So we took a drive in, and omg was it magnificent!!! Rows of trees, intricately designed architecture and immaculately maintained buildings. I was intensely amazed by the school. & then I thought, 'if only I were studying here! I'd definitely be more than happy to come to school everyday.' But I guess things aren't always perfect, and I should be content with what I have (: But anyhow, if you are somehow in Palo Alto or traveling here soon, you must visit Stanford! 

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